Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Senior Session

I like her posture in this photo and how her yellow shirt brings out the yellow flowers in the background.
The way the circle of girls close on each other. The support they have for each other. 

I really like the evenness of the shadow and light in this photo.
I like how the bridge is a continuous part and how the model looks tough but at ease. "Manley"
I know his eyes are closed but have you ever seen somebody truly smile with their eyes open? I don't think so.
I like how relaxed she is. I chose the lack and white effect because there was too much color and it was hard to focus on her.
This was a difficult photo trying to get the flowers in the picture but also focus on her face but I think it worked out really well because of the shirt matching with the background and the focus point is where I wanted it to be.

I really like how his smile is real, and the old gasoline in the background. How it says danger but when you look at him its the opposite of danger.

I like the exposure of the photos and the blur in the background.

I really liked how the focus point is on her and the background goes so well with her outfit.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Not Alone But Alone
I like this photo cause its not everyday when you can see somebody enjoy the sun and nature I like how the states flower surrounds him and the land seems to go on forever.
This photo took me a while to get but I like how I got the bee in the shot to make the bluebonnet look different from everybody else.
I like how the trial leads and kinda leads off. I also like the power lines and the bluebonnets in the photo.
This photo makes me feel really peaceful.The way there is one part there is shade and the rest in light I also like the waterfall.
I thought they way the sunlight shone through the other trees which glowed up some the leaves. The way the background is all green except my subject is reddish-purple made the photo a lot better.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


My Sun
I chose somebody who impacted my life. I like how I captured her happiness. I chose black and white effect because I believe that color would distract my audience from focusing on her and her expression.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Movie Poster

I got the idea to use lights because of the christmas season and I used kind of christmas clothes. I put the camera settings a rapid photo take while I was spinning. The thing is I really like amusement parks. I did the light to look like when your spinning. The reason I used Japanese words cause I want to study the language. In photoshop I had to use layer and mask. It was really difficult process. I took three photos of me and cut them out and put them on the background. As for the lights, I did a bokeh of my christmas tree, and a slow shutter speed of some red and blue lights that I have in my room and I combined those two photos together.

Monday, November 5, 2018

ATPI Submission

Being in the class has helped me learned different settings to use on cameras and how to open my eyes that the simplest things can be a great photo. I mostly used lightroom to help my photos improve and tried to see what the ATPI judge's taste towards photos.

Environmental Portrait

This photo turned out better than I intended. I like how it captures his age and the smile in his eyes.


This photo makes me feel that I'm in a parallel universe. I like how the tower shines like its day but the sky looks like its nighttime.


This was taken at one of the missions in San Antonio. I don't usually like having my photos to have lots of vibrant colors then I added more highlights to the ray of sun to shine on parts of the church.

Still Life
I was trying to do a story to go with the photo. To me it looks like a murder scene how the spoons look like people and the paint represent the soul and blood.

Some of my best photos are accidents. How the lights show up as different colors against my face, that is what it makes it really cool

This photo was taken in the park. How the sun hits the marbles and how the background is out of focus helps me like this photo.


I always like freezing fountains in pictures but I didn't realize the Tower of America is in the background and matching the same hight as the water.

Friday, October 12, 2018

San Antonio Trip

The Aztec Theater
Center Of San Antonio
Park Of Learning

Senior Session

I like her posture in this photo and how her yellow shirt brings out the yellow flowers in the background. The way the circle of girls...